An account in your pocket.
Pay with Fire is the way to pay and be paid.

Why Fire?

Fire lets you send and request payments to any mobile in the UK or Ireland instantly. And at no cost.

Instant Payments

Collecting for 5-a-side? Splitting the bill? Or paying for a trip away? Simply select a phone contact to request & make payments to any mobile in the UK or Ireland.

Safe & Secure

Your money is held securely with us under strict security regulations as set and governed by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Pay and be paid in both Sterling and Euro. Instantly open accounts in each, with their own BIC & IBAN numbers and transfer money between any account in the Eurozone.

How it works?


Download the Fire App to your iPhone or Android smart phone and setup your account in minutes.

Pay & Get paid

You can start sending & receiving payments between your contacts instantly at no cost.


Withdraw money to your bank account by verifying your personal details within the app, quickly and securely.

Get Fire Now

Pay with Fire is available in the App Store and on Google Play. Open your account in minutes. Verify on the go.

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