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How it works

Fast Setup

Businesses incorporated in the UK or Ireland can open their account fully online within one business day.

Euro & Sterling

You can open Euro and Sterling accounts instantly. Each with its own unique BIC/IBAN (Euro) or sort code/account number (Sterling).

Payment Requests

With the Fire Payment Request you can collect payment in real-time through Twitter, Facebook, text, email and print media.
(See our Charity Case Study)

Fire for your business

The Fire Business Account is the fastest way your business can accept euro and sterling payments. You will get access to your own multi-currency account within one business day of completing your registration. Anyone resident in Europe with a business/charity/club registered in either the UK or Ireland can open an account.

Fees on the account are charged on a per transaction basis – for more information visit our Fees page.

  • Fast setup & easy to use
  • Save time and money
  • No setup cost & low fees
  • Fully regulated
  • Outstanding customer experience

Full Control

Fire gives you complete access to and control of your account via a simple and powerful API. Know exactly what's happening on your account using our event-driven webhooks.

Using your new fire account BIC and IBAN (Sort Code & Account Number) cut out the middleman and let your customers pay you directly. Whatever the method, all funds flow to your fire account giving you a single view of all your payments.

  • API integration — integrate directly with your own apps and software
  • Send Payment Requests to your customers requesting payment. (See our Charity Case Study)
  • Pay suppliers directly from Fire
  • Full control of your payment data to manage and reconcile

Open Sterling & Euro accounts instantly

Need to collect money in Europe? Have cross-border customers? You can have additional Sterling and Euro account details in seconds.


The Fire Account API allows you to deeply integrate all account features into your application or back-office systems.

Currently the API provides read-only access to your profile, accounts and payments. The full transaction API is under development and will provide complete control of your business account. Every endpoint has its own permission, and the API will integrate seamlessly with the Role-based Access controls that will be available shortly.

The API gives access to your account details, payments, and beneficiary accounts; information about the fees and limits applied to your account; and details of your service configuration – e.g. applications, webhooks, and API tokens. There are also web hooks that can be configured to call out to your application based on certain events occurring on your account.

Fire Business API - List Accounts
$ curl \
  -X GET \ 
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" 

  "accounts": [{
    "ican": 1951,
    "name": "Main Account",
    "currency": {
      "description": "Euro",
      "code": "EUR"
    "balance": 434050,
    "ciban": "IE54CPAY99119911111111",
    "cbic": "CPAYIE2D",
    "cnsc": "991199",
    "ccan": "11111111",
    "defaultAccount": true,
    "status": {
      "type": "LIVE",
      "description": "Live"